Faroe Islands: Activists slam killing of tons of of dolphins


The standard annual killing of whales and dolphins sparked controversy on Tuesday after it emerged that over 1,400 of the marine animals have been killed on this 12 months’s occasion, based on Danish media experiences.

The so-called “grindadrap” hunt has been happening for over 4 hundred years on the small North Atlantic islands that belong to Denmark. However the massive variety of animals killed on Sunday has raised fears of tarnishing the islands’ popularity.

The environmental group Sea Shepherd posted an extended video on Facebook displaying the slaughter of the 1,428 white-sided dolphins, calling it the biggest group of animals killed in a single go on the islands.

The Switzerland-based marine group OceanCare additionally criticized the observe, saying “a line has been crossed right here and a brand new dimension of looking has been reached.”

Extreme killing

The islanders often kill as much as 1,000 sea mammals every year. Final 12 months, they solely killed 35 white-sided dolphins.

A number of individuals concerned within the looking custom have since distanced themselves from this 12 months’s killing, with the previous chairman of the Faroese affiliation for pilot whaling telling a neighborhood broadcaster that it was extreme.

The foreman of a unique group that drives pilot whales towards shore on one other island mentioned that he had not identified of the massive dolphin drive and “strongly dissociated” himself from it.

The islands’ Fishery Minister Jacob Vestergaard informed the radio broadcaster Kringvarp Foaroya that the dolphin hunt had been finished by the e-book.

Neither pilot whales nor white-sided dolphins are endangered. The hunt often focuses on the whales reasonably than the dolphins.

The animals are pushed into shallow waters the place they’re then lower with knives. The killing is regulated by native legal guidelines. The meat and blubber from the animals is shared out among the many neighborhood.

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