Star Wars: The Excessive Republic kicks off with Jedi superhero adventures

The High Republic looks like Star Wars unchained. Set 200 years earlier than The Phantom Menace, the earliest film in the timeline, the undertaking combining novels, kids’s books and comics is untethered from the Skywalker Saga. There aren’t any whiny Chosen Ones, scheming Sith Lords or indignant wannabe Darth Vaders creating a way of darkish inevitability. 

As an alternative, we get Jedi on the peak of their energy — together with a 700-year-old Yoda — defending an uncorrupted Galactic Republic because it expands into the Outer Rim. 

The Excessive Republic books and comics are set 200 years earlier than The Phantom Menace.


“We had to ensure the timing could be proper for it,” Michael Siglain, Lucasfilm Publishing inventive director, informed me by way of Zoom final month. “As soon as we have been nearing the tip of the sequel trilogy, that is after we got the inexperienced mild. Let’s go discover and see what we are able to do that’s going to be large, daring and surprising.”

The Jedi of the Excessive Republic are a bunch of superior area wizards bringing justice with the Power, and it looks like they’re having enjoyable each step of the way in which.

“For them, the Jedi Order has been round for 1000’s of years. They don’t have any idea that there is ever going to be anybody who’s going to have the ability to stand as much as them,” Cavan Scott, creator of Marvel’s Excessive Republic comedian collection, mentioned. “It provides them confidence. They’re competent individuals at this level. And the people who find themselves pushing out onto the frontier know that the Jedi are going to be there with them.”

Since Jedi are principally superheroes, they want intense baddies to battle. The Nihil are Outer Rim marauders much like the Conflict Boys in Mad Max: Fury Road — scary bringers of chaos serving shadowy leaders. They will entry unknown paths by hyperspace and pop up wherever, making them a brand new type of menace.

This period will even be featured in The Acolyte, Leslye Headland’s upcoming Disney Plus series about “shadowy secrets and techniques and rising dark-side powers.”

“Whereas we will not communicate for the filmmakers in regards to the new collection, I can let you know we’re all very excited that The Acolyte is about within the ultimate days of The Excessive Republic,” Siglain mentioned of the present, which does not but have a launch date. “It has been so thrilling for these authors to work with Story Group to contribute to this huge period by the books and comics.”

I learn the primary batch of those new tales earlier than The Excessive Republic kicked off on Tuesday, they usually have been an excellent thrilling introduction to a brand new period in a galaxy far, distant.

The shortage of acquainted characters (apart from some older Jedi) provides a pleasant hazard to every story. Like peak Game of Thrones, there is a sense that anybody might die or be taken captive at any second — it is fairly refreshing after years of Star Wars novels and comics the place I do know all the long-lasting characters are going to make it by unscathed. 

In a roundtable-style Zoom interview, I received to speak to the authors of every guide and comedian about what it was wish to form a brand new technology of Star Wars adventures, heroes and villains.


Jedi Grasp Avar Kriss performs a serious position in Charles’ Soule’s novel.


Mild of the Jedi

Should you’re on the lookout for a jumping-on level for The Excessive Republic, Charles Soule’s grownup novel is it. Light of the Jedi brings us into this period as an incident often called the Nice Catastrophe threatens worlds all through the galaxy, Jedi interact in superior acts of derring-do to save lots of lives and the Nihil emerge from the shadows. I requested Soule how his novel, which got here out Tuesday, units up this period.

“You get a way of precisely the place the Republic, the Jedi Order and the Nihil are, how the Jedi operated communities with the outposts on far-flung planets,” he mentioned. “It appeared necessary to provide readers a really numerous slate of Jedi varieties and approaches to the Power. And Republic individuals, settlers and explorers, as a result of Star Wars is a galaxy that features every kind of various individuals.”

Although the novel options an ensemble solid, Jedi Grasp Avar Kriss (the quilt star) stands out as a result of she interprets the Power as symphony — a cool, contemporary method to the vitality area that binds all residing beings. It additionally ends in some spectacular shows of Jedi energy.

“She will nearly hear the voices of the opposite Jedi and join all of them in a type of a musical approach,” Soule mentioned of Kriss. “That appeared like it will be a great way to get numerous character viewpoints in a single place. In Mild of the Jedi, a part of that story is the Jedi realizing that the tune is just not fairly as lovely as they maybe thought it was.”

This story is suitably epic, with the Nice Catastrophe feeling like a pivotal second in historical past on the size of the Loss of life Star’s destruction in A New Hope. You will actually root for these new Jedi — I am already an enormous Avar Kriss fan — they usually have an interesting nemesis within the Nihil.

You possibly can learn the first eight chapters of the novel on-line free of charge, and there is a fancy special edition out there too. The subsequent grownup novel can be Cavan Scott ‘s The Rising Storm, arriving July 6.

For the Padawans

Justina Eire’s center grade novel A Test of Courage, which hits cabinets Tuesday, introduces us to newly knighted Jedi Vernestra Rwoh, who’s one thing of a prodigy on the age of 16.


The Fringe of Steadiness is an upcoming manga collection set within the The Excessive Republic period.

Viz Media

“She’s received this Doogie Howser advanced — she’s been promoted forward of her friends,” Eire mentioned of Vernestra. “However on the similar time, she’s nonetheless 16. She’s nonetheless going by all these issues that adolescents undergo.”

We be a part of Vernestra on her first main mission as a Jedi, escorting 12-year-old would-be inventor Avon Starros on a journey that begins at  an outpost on the galaxy’s Outer Rim when some Nihil sabotage throws a spanner within the works.

“Then it turns into ‘Adventures in Babysitting: Jedi area version,'” she mentioned. “One of many issues we’re cautious of in writing for kids: When unhealthy issues occur, we give the reader a thread of hope even when issues are very darkish. With grownup readers we do not try this — you are by yourself.”

It’s going to be a breezy learn for adults, however Eire brings us on an attractive journey and Vernestra is a enjoyable protagonist with a couple of superior tips up her sleeve. The creator will proceed the teenager Jedi’s story in younger grownup novel Out of the Shadows, which comes out July 27. 

The creator can also be working with Japanese author Shima Shinya and artist Mizuki Sakakibara on manga The Fringe of Steadiness (which does not have a launch date but).

Claudia Grey’s younger grownup novel Into the Dark, out Feb. 2, provides us a Padawan’s viewpoint as The Nice Catastrophe goes down. Reath Silas has been ripped from his comfy, educational life on galactic capital Coruscant and is on his option to the frontier when the Nice Catastrophe forces his ship to take a detour to a a creepy deserted area station.

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Reath has grown up in a galaxy at peace, unlike the Padawans we’re used to from The Clone Wars era, and his master is on the Jedi Council, a position of major responsibility.

“So he sees things proceeding in a much more orderly fashion than they’re going to, which is maybe something of a disappointment to Reath,” Gray said of his journey. He gets an education in chaos theory.”

Star Wars fans who’ve read Gray’s other novels will know she excels at clever, fun character studies, and Into the Dark fits that mold nicely.


Marvel Comics’ ongoing High Republic series, written by Cavan Scott with art from Ario Anindito, focuses on Padawan Keeve Trennis as she struggles to understand her place in the Jedi Order.

“She views the Jedi as such a beacon of light that she’s constantly trying to strive to be that and beats herself up about it,” Scott said. “We see the internal dialogue of what she’s thinking as she’s going through all these things — humanizing these characters, who at other times seem almost godlike.”


Avar Kriss and Yoda look super cool on this variant cover for the first issue of Marvel’s High Republic series.

Marvel Comics

Amid all this internal strife, Scott also promises plenty of the explosions and monsters we expect from comic books. The first issue lands on Wednesday. The writer is also working on an original graphic novel, The Monster of Temple Peak, with artist Rachael Stott (no release date on this one yet).

IDW’s High Republic Adventures series, which kicks off Feb. 21, follows a group of Padawans “who are kind of on a jet gap year traveling around the galaxy with Yoda as the coolest chaperone ever,” said writer Daniel José Older (who’s teamed up with artist Harvey Tolibao).

The series also introduces us to a group that distrusts Jedi and the Force through the eyes of two characters — one of whom is secretly Force-sensitive and ends up hanging out with the Padawans, while her best friend “ends up deep in the upper echelons of the Nihil,” the writer noted.

“So through him, we get to see some major events that are going on for the Nihil and learn a lot about who they are, where they come from what they’re about, in this very complex and messy story,” Older said.

The author will tell another tale featuring Lula Talisola, a Padawan from the High Republic Adventures, in middle-grade novel Race to Crashpoint Tower, out June 29.

This era is just getting started. In a launch livestream on Monday, Lucasfilm Publishing boss Michael Siglain revealed that The High Republic will roll out on three phases over the coming years — the first is called Light of the Jedi, followed by Quest of the Jedi and concluding with Trials of the Jedi.

Hardcore fans will likely want to devour every single page establishing this compelling new era of Jedi adventure and discover every satisfying connection, but each story is cleverly designed to work on its own. No matter what age you are and which medium you want to read in, the High Republic feels like an amazing new chapter in a galaxy far, far away and the most exciting Star Wars I’ve read in years.

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