Large fireball’s spectacular explosion over the ocean captured on movie

The Analysis Vessel Investigator, operated by Australia’s nationwide science company CSIRO, caught the massive fireball breaking up over the Southern Ocean.


An unlimited, spectacular fireball blazing a path throughout the sky off the southern coast of Tasmania, Australia, has been captured on movie. 

A livestream digital camera fitted to the analysis vessel Investigator, operated by Australia’s nationwide science company CSIRO, noticed the fireball at 9:21 p.m. native time on Nov. 18. The vessel is designed to “look” down, performing mapping of the seafloor and conducting oceanographic research about 60 miles south of Australia, however it was the meteor that flew by overhead that excited the crew on Wednesday.

“What we noticed on reviewing the livestream footage astounded us, the dimensions and brightness of the meteor was unimaginable,” John Hooper, voyage supervisor onboard the vessel, said in a press release.

The native media was “flooded with experiences of sightings,” however no further photographs or imaginative and prescient have turned up at this stage, in response to CSIRO. The Worldwide Meteor Group, which tracks meteors, doesn’t contain any reports of the fireball over the ocean. The analysis vessel investigator appears to have had the one good view of the burning rock because it made its demise dive, with chunks more likely to have fallen into the ocean.

“We have been very lucky that we captured all of it on the ship livestream,” Hooper stated. 

You’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the fireball above and find the full video here.

Meteors are big chunks of rocks which are identified to placed on fairly a present after they collide with the Earth’s ambiance. In July, a fireball exploded over the skies of Tokyo with the force of 165 tons of TNT — sufficient to create a sonic growth. 

And whereas you’ll have missed out on seeing these rocks clangin’ and bangin’ into the Earth, you can catch the Leonid meteor shower right now, which is able to stay energetic till Monday, Nov. 30. Loads of possibilities to catch the gorgeous celestial occasions.

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