Khushboo Sunder: Gandhis have to come out of bubble they built

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October 14, 2020 1:12:47 am

Khushboo Sunder in Chennai on Tuesday. (PTI)

In a scathing attack against her former party, Khushboo Sunder, who has joined the BJP, said the Gandhis should “come out of the bubble they have built for themselves”.

But the former national Congress spokesperson blamed “elements in between” Gandhis and other partymen for many leaders, including her, leaving the party.

“Gandhis have to come out of the bubble they have built for themselves. Till they don’t burst the bubble, they are going to be defeated. They will not find themselves in opposition also. It’s a myth that they think… forget ruling the country… they are living under false hope that they will be in opposition all the while. They will not be part of an opposition also,” Sunder told The Indian Express in an interview.

Sunder, who left the DMK to join the Congress in 2014, joined the BJP on Monday. Talking about her role in the BJP, which she has attacked vehemently in the past, Sunder said she is “learning and unlearning a lot of things” but expressed confidence that she would be “able to handle it”.

Alleging that the Congress does not want to introspect why people were leaving, the actress-turned-politician said that her letter to Congress president Sonia Gandhi is clear on who were responsible for her leaving the party. “In the Congress, people think, it’s just the Gandhis who are calling the shots. The letter is addressed to a Gandhi, it’s definitely not the Gandhis. It’s the elements in between.”

“The people who read my letter will know who I am talking about. The high command will know who I am talking about. I don’t have to name them,” she said.

In her letter to Sonia, Sunder has said “few elements seated at higher level within the party, people who have no connectivity with the ground reality or public recognition are dictating terms and people like me who wanted to work for the party sincerely being pushed and suppressed”.

Sunder said her reason for leaving the party was “political” and that she would not name any particular leader because she did not want to indulge in mud-slinging.

“Why are people who are part of the Congress and who swore by the Congress are leaving? They just want to put the blame on us, saying that we are opportunists. They do not want to introspect… there is something going drastically wrong somewhere within the party which the party is happily overlooking. Because they live in a make-believe world, they live in a cocoon made by themselves. They do not want to come out of that,” Sunder said.

She questioned the Congress leadership’s handling of the group of senior leaders who flagged concern about the party’s functioning. “You can say I am opportunist because I headed towards the BJP. What about the 23 leaders who have been part of the Congress with some being there much before this leadership took over? They have raised an issue. Were they heard?”

“The Congress party is built for the people, it’s not a private property. It’s built by the people who wanted to serve the country,” she said.

According to Sunder, no one from the Congress reached out to her when she decided to leave. “They don’t want to think why people are leaving the Congress party,” she said.

Asked if she would continue to speak her mind — like she did in the past when she spoke out of party line on some issues – she said: “Yes, I am sure I will be. BJP knows the kind of person I am… the kind of mentality I have. I will be able to handle it.”

On her earlier attacks on the BJP, she said she was the spokesperson of the opposition party and it was her duty. “I am not denying it, I am owning up to it,” she said.

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